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Circuit Design Engineers
Attn: je0104

Play a key role in a high integrated digital audio consumer electronics industry.

Responsibilities: Supervise layout along with the following design activities : high speed circuit design, data path, and clock tree, timing analysis and simulation.

Skill Set: Spice, design verification, layout and Cadence tools
Attn: je0167

Work on a system-on-a-chip speech recognition device! You'll be doing circuit design and simulation, concentrating on low voltage and low power. Layout transistor level DRC and LVS. From characterization through debug, verification, and release to production.

Skill Set: Low voltage CMOS design, IC transister level design, layout, UNIX workstation, HSPICE, Verilog, and simulation and circuit simulators. Microcontroller or microprocessor experience required.
Attn: je0168

IC Design Manager: Provide a leadership roll in the design of an IC platform for cost effective speech recognition. Logic design and simulation, circuit design, from specification to verification on a low voltage, low power system-on-a-chip. Whole chip integration, design review, layout, LVS and DRACULA.

Skill Set: Experience with microcontrollers or microprocessors, low voltage CMOS design, chip design flow, circuit design, layout and verification. UNIX work environment, Verilog, HSPICE, circuit simulators. Project leadership and/or managerial experience. Mixed signal IC design, PLL, RAM/ROM and A/D D/A, DSP or digital filter design are desired.
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Digital Design Engineer
Attn: je0153

Senior board level design engineer to play a major roll in the design of a high speed digital board in a fast growing, dynamic environment. Will have exposure to the full design life cycle from conceptual design prototyping, hardware debug, to production.

Skill Set: CPU subsystem design, memory subsystem, board slice system design tools. Viewlogic, schematic capture, CPLD/FPGA based design using VHDL. ATM networking is a plus.
Attn: je0122

Become part of a small, elite team dedicated to designing consumer audio products. Duties include: algorithm development, verification in C, architecture, block level design, and functional verification methodology. Synopsis and static timing verification.

Skill Set: Verilog, VHDL, Synopsis, Verilog, DSP, systems audio, sequential logic and circuits, floorplanning and physical design. C language.
Attn: je0151

Immerse yourself in communications design development (Analog modem, serial modem, DSL). Senior level designer to take product from concept to manufacturing and from schematic entry to development of  lab techniques.

Skill Set: Extensive experience in modem and switch design. Experience in Mac board design work.
Attn: je0152

Junior level digital designer will assist the senior level engineer in the design and development of a serial modem DSL

Skill Set: Schematic entry, lab techniques, desirable MAC based design work. Knowledge of DSP, data I/O and gate arrays .
Attn: je0154

Senior level digital design engineer to work on a portion of an LCD controller. This is a handheld device. Design an embedded processor board with memory interface and power management.

Skill Set: Embedded processor bed, memory interface, strong ARM or Motorola experience and power management. Viewlogic, WorkView, schematic capture and C language.
Attn: je0165

Duties: Play a challenging role in the board that goes into production of a LAN & Wireless project. Involve the design, and qualification of all the parts including ASICS and the key chips. Specify the parameters.

Skills: Digital/analog, LAN/WAN, PSPICE, Win 98, Win2000. Certification for Win2k to Win98 a plus.
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