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Firmware Engineers

Attn: je0150

Good Opportunity for a Mac developer of drivers to move into mgmt within two months. Must have written drivers in the past for the Macintosh. Serial port or PCI Bus driver. Having worked for Apple is a plus.

Skill Set: Experience writing Mac drivers.
Attn: je0108

Great Company! Great Product ! And A Great chance to work on a RISC processor based product, developing a lower level OS and device drivers for a multimedia digital wireless company!

Skill Set: Audio Video drivers; Must have developed different input devices; such as: IR devices, firmware development tools and RISC processor.
Attn: je0106

Firmware Manager: A very challenging position. Reports directly to the VP. of Engineering. Manage a small  firmware team. Develop and implement DSP algorithms for multimedia, digital audio, and voice application.

Skill Set: Hands-on design, DSP firmware development in audio; management experience and software tools
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Hardware Design Engineers
Attn: je0118

Senior Hardware Designer:
Design and develop from cradle to launch. Implement control functions, test procedures, and support manufacturing  for ASIC,  board and system level product.

Skill Set:  Mixed signal ASIC. PCI, PMPCIA, VMI based design, mixed mode, MPEG, AC3, Video/Audio, FPGA/PLD, ORCAD, Viewlogic, Verilog, VHDL, Synopsis, UNIX, MASM, and C.
Attn: je0128

Play a major role in the definition, architecture and design of a high-speed RISC-based system.

Skill Set: Verilog, synopsys, Cadence tools, ASIC, FPGA and board level design.
Attn: je0136

Responsibilities: Design hardware and firmware for a leading- edge medical equipment.  Architect, design and investigate a detailed board level design. Develop simple analog submodules, characterize analog and mixed- signal circuit and perform test and verification.

Skill Set: Analog Board, Mixed Signal, FPGA, PLD, PCB, Routing, Embedded System, Hardware, Software, Detailed Board Level
Attn: je0161

Senior Hardware Design Engineer

Duties: Develop, design and test system hardware boards. Deploy hardware boards. Design test and interfaces including T1/E1/DS3. Integrate test hardware into the system. Interface with other designers in the development of diagnostic application software for the board.

Skill Set: Hardware design of data and telecommunication products. Multiprocessor architecture, telecomm/data networks, specifications of  T1/E1/DS3. Verilog, FPGA, and low level device drivers.
Attn: je0164

Senior Digital Design Engineer - Board Level

Duties: Work on a portion of LCD controller for a hand held device. Embedded processor board. Memory interface and power management.

Skill Set: Strong debug and function test and lab equipment skill. StrongARM or Motorola expertise and power management. Viewlogic, Workview, and schematic capture tools. Knowledge of C.
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