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Manufacturing Engineers

Attn: je0123

Develop, implement and maintain high quality audio PC. Exercise your talents in verification, testing, reliability/failure analysis, documentation and ECO release to manufacturing. Perform component evaluation and write manufacturing specifications. Interface with vendors and customers.

Skill Sets: Mil Specs, IPC specs, PCI audio, ICT, DOS and Windows
Attn: je0125

A challenging role with a leader in Video Conferencing. Report to the CEO and interface between development and marketing. Will be involved in future architecture, research and coordinating the logistics of different suppliers.

Skills: Planning, organization, and logistical coordination with various suppliers. Some insight on the entire process.
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Physical Design (CAD)

Attn: je0164

Take advantage of a company that has already filed for IPO!
Duties: Maintaining and enhancing a Cadence layout design environment and in-house data management: system development, verification flow (DRACULA), and training mask designers.

Skills: IC physical CAD tools experience, Cell3, silicon ensemble, Perl, C, and IC Craftsman.
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Product Engineers

Attn: je0111

Characterize and qualify new products and release them to production. In addition, assist in debugging new designs and work on yield improvement of current designs. Establish next generation of embedded processors.

Skill Set: Characterization of devices, yield improvements, failure analysis, and document transfer.
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RF Design Engineers

Attn: je0110

Become a key contributor in the wireless communications industry.
Elite team of engineers at a dynamic startup company.
Duties Include: Design from concept through manufacturing RF integrated circuits, LAN/Mixer, VGA, Modulator and Power amp. Perform verification, simulation,  and characterization of Rf integrated circuits. Implementation of customers' IC, interfacing with the application engineers.

Skill Set: RF, Spice, test bench of RFIC, spectrum Analyzer, network analyzers, LNA and Signal generators.
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