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Software Engineers

Attn: je0119

Implement and design device driver under Windows 95, Window 98 (WDM), Windows NT, Windows CE, VxWorks, and  MPEG-2 / DVD hardware products.

Skill Set: Knowledge of PC operating systems and computer architecture. Windows 95, 98 and NT a definite must. Experience with Microsoft Direct X technology, experience in writing graphical user interfaces. Experience in C and C++
Attn: je0133

Responsibilities: In charge of desktop content protection and anti-piracy software encryption. Define the new generation product, improve the product, and build the content protection on the Ethernet.

Skill set: Win95/NT, device drivers, DVD, good math skills, encryption.
Attn: je0135

A challenging environment with a multi-disciplinary team and outside vendors. Design and develop embedded system, document and test embedded system's software.

Skill Set: Real-time embedded systems, test embedded systems, 8051 or 8051XA, 8 bit and 16 bit microprocessors, UML, Case tools, RTOS experience.
Attn: je0169

Senior DSP / Embedded Software Engineer will port speech recognition and other voice interface software to microprocessors and DSPs for high volume consumer electronic devices. Develop ports using DSP  and C to develop custom embedded software projects. Create a C-based systems simulation and software test environment.

Skill Set: Embedded software development. Broad software and systems skills. Extensive C and assembly. Knowledge of speech synthesis or voice recognition. Neural nets and fuzzy logic a plus.
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Software Design Manager

Attn: je1039

Lead a multidisciplinary team with outside vendors to execute and direct the release of a unique medical device to market. Must be good at embedded design. Hands on design, code, document, and test embedded systems software. Ability to do teamwork, motivate the group, and with good ethics and moral character.

Skill Set: Embedded 8051 microcontroller. Assembly code and firmware. Embedded systems software.
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Software Quality Assurance

Attn: je0158

Reports to the software manager, provides technical direction to others in the group. Work on the architecture level and coding. Program development, responsible for inter-operational testing with other vendors. Knowledge of protocol level VCS standards and wide area networks. Initial focus will be on WAN.

Skill Set: Wide area networks, H.320, H.221, H.242. Local area networks, H.323. Protocol level of VCS standard. Technical leadership skills in WAN.
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Strategic Marketing Manager

Attn: je0112

Market penetration, market positioning, and targeting market segments. Success measurement and strategic program support

Skill Set: Networking, Datacom and telecommunication; and microprocessor marketing experience. Strategic marketing, new product specification, product roadmaps, business planning, and microprocessor marketing experience
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