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System Engineers

Attn: je0109

Duties include: Opportunity to lead the implementation of a state of the art graphics and audio subsystem for PCs. Architect and design of multimedia PCI add-in card.

Skill Set: High-speed microprocessors, analog design: video and audio, audio circuit, complex processor boards and/or CAD.
Attn: je0117

Well-funded startup seeks systems engineer. Work on a new category of computer devices. The ideal person will be able to work on the company's second generation of silicon. Design a low-power, high frequency system.

Skill Set: LCDs, television, graphics, PCMCIA, USB, P1394, and MPEG-2 video. Windows operating systems, O/S and driver development.
Attn: je0121

Senior systems engineering: An opportunity to design the highest quality digital audio products for the PC market. Design for cost, performance, and production. From design definition to architecture to manufacturing.

Skill Set: PCI bus, board level digital design, analog design techniques in audio or video applications. Mentoring skills, C and C++, DOS, Windows, PLD/FPGA design and cross functionality with marketing and engineering.
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Test Engineers

Attn: je0103

Contribute to the success of the most enviable company in the Silicon Valley. Generate new product characterization programs. Design and support test systems for new existing products, and release to production.

Skill Set: Hardware test, test generation, ATE, analog or mixed Signal, LTX and HP experience.
Attn: je0163

Great opportunity to contribute to a very successful, midsized system-on-chip company.
Duties: Write test programs, define parameters, and characterization using HP and Teledyne SOC 850 RISC processor, 32 bit microprocessor. Use of device logic, PLL, IO buffer to design a read channel, D/A and A/D mixed signal chip.

Skills: Knowledge of ATE program, writing test program and wafer sort, logic analyzer, DC and AC,  system on chip, mixed signal, semiconductor parameters.
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Design Verification Engineer

Attn: je1038

Responsibilities: Verify and develop IC, generate test vectors, write test benches, interface with the foundry. Ideally, this person will grow out of the verification and into the design and development team.

Skills: IC Development, test vectors, test benches, knowledge of verification tools.
Attn: je0159

Two chances to contribute to a very successful networking company. A company that provides solutions for ATM, Ethernet, SONET/SDH and T1/E1, and T3/E3 applications

(A) Hardware emulation based on Quickturn, FPGA with board or FPGA based.
(B) Chip level RTL verification.. someone with strong interest in doing verification and simulation all through manufacturing. The ideal candidate must be committed to doing verification for a period of nine  months.

Skill Set: FPGA board emulation, FPGA based or RTL verification at a chip level.
Attn: je0162

Duties include writing test cases, protocol checkers and behavioral reference models.

Skills: Experience in system design verification using Verilog and C. Networking products, switches and routers.
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