Value Proposition

  • We want to find the critical issues you face in your hiring process. How long it takes to see a candidate, make an offer and get a candidate on board. We challenge assumptions; such as: the notion that by hiring three recruiters, you will get more candidates of choice.
  • At Rjc, we recognize that our clients want solution to their problems. We use ‘pain-point’ questions to help clients stay focused. Example: What is the cost of a position remaining open? How often does that happen? How does that affect other departments? How is the situation unique? How do you see this developing? How could it be improved? And how can we make this work?
  • We strive to excel at providing recruitment services and building blocks for new technology. We believe that life is about relationship and relationship is about trust. The goal is to focus on a mutually attractive future, how barriers can be broken and bridges built.
  • We acknowledge that placement can be an emotional nightmare. We focus on Metrics. We believe it’s the commitment we made to ourselves that pushes through resistance, and we do not rely on luck, we believe in consistent hard work.
  • We do not take the easy way out. we know that the pain of not fulfilling ourselves is so much greater than the pain of any job; no matter how hard. So, we demand more from ourselves and our target audience.
  • At Rjc; we search and deliver top notch engineers and executive level managers to select group of high-tech companies in the global market place. We create and implement staffing strategies to provide for qualified and diverse candidate pool and experiences that transform lives.
  • We believe that effective selling is merely telling the truth in an attractive manner. And the most important secret of selling is to find what the other person wants. We want to know what we can do for YOU!

Our Motto & What We Believe:

At Rjc;

  • We ask great questions.
  • Listen to what you truly want.
  • Challenge assumptions.
  • Accelerate the speed of your success.
  • We believe All progress starts by telling the truth.
  • Everything starts with a belief and mindset.
  • Our responsibility is to discourage our clients from making an offer that will be rejected.

“We enjoyed an amazing 23-years of services of a recruitment industry that’s given us a deep understanding of our clients’ challenges. We take the time to understand what motivate people, define needs and figure out how to help achieve what they want. At Rjc Associates, we make recruitment FUN by aligning your interest to clients business objectives. We strive to recruit the best possible engineers and top executive managers to do some often challenging, seemingly impossible, and critical tasks successfully”. – Jacob Etta

“It is an advantage for engineers to be represented by competent recruiters; who understand the market place and what companies want. Companies that pay fees get the best engineers. In the long run, those engineers benefit because their skills are more valued by their employers”. ___

Jacob Etta, Founder & CEO

Our Services


At Rjc Associates we need top-notch hardware and software engineers for a select group of high-tech companies in the Silicon Valley and throughout Northern California. Our engineering candidates excel in what they do and want to further their careers.

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Executive Search and Placement

Our experience and a nationwide contact enable us to search, locate, and deliver high caliber executive level candidates. This is a partnership relationship. We want to help you fill your executive level positions. To find the best candidates for your jobs, take advantage of our unique recruiting talents.



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Company Overview


Rjc Associates mission is to find and deliver superior engineering talent to high-tech companies in the global market place.


Our vision is to serve our clients with fresh ideas and personal attention. Our values embody highest standards of personal integrity, diligence, and professional performance.


We build our reputation for excellence by focusing on the need of our clients and candidates. Your experience is enhanced with highly customized target segment that is directly related to your individual career goal.


Our goal is to give clients the opportunity to become more competitive. We accomplish goals by establishing a partnership with you. We are experts who identify our clients needs.


At Rjc we believe our commitment to you is most important. Our relationship is strictly confidential with free consultations and expert advice.


Finally, our recruiting strategy, coupled with a client/candidate focused approach, ensures that you, the client, receive cost-effective service, with the highest personal involvement on a timely basis.

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We build our reputation for excellence by focusing on the need of our clients and candidates. Your experience is enhanced with highly customized target segment that is directly related to your individual career goal.