We Offer Opportunities to be Competitive.

  • At Rjc Associates, commitment works both ways!
  • We determine which candidates are ready for career changes.
  • Candidates should be willing to work with us, attend interviews and be committed to accept positions meeting their needs.
  • We are experienced in educating clients and candidates to provide balance and focus.

Advantages of Choosing Rjc Associates as Your Technical Search Consultants.

  • We produce acceptable offers and provide smooth transitions.
  • We provide comprehensive services beyond simply recruiting.

We see the placement process as follows:

A. Recruiting

  • Preparing job requisitions.
  • Locating qualified candidates.
  • Presenting candidates for employers.
  • Arranging candidate interviews.
  • Providing follow-up.

B. Job Offers

  • Begin when candidates and employers show interest in each other. During this time we help with job offers.

C. Transition

  • Occurs when offers are accepted and continues after the starting dates for six months when successful candidates are in their new jobs.